About Graham Pitcher


Graham S. Pitcher holds doctoral and masters level qualifications in business and education as well as being a qualified accountant. He is currently a consultant in professional and higher education and a senior lecturer at Nottingham Business School in the United Kingdom. Graham has 17 years practical experience as a management accountant and director working for organizations in manufacturing and direct marketing, as well as experience of both service and state sector organizations. Following a successful career as a practicing accounting in industry, Graham moved into professional education where he spent 14 years working with accountants, marketers, lawyers, and human resource professionals. He has held senior positions in private sector higher education institutions, such as the Dean of BPP Business School and Director of Business Education. He has worked extensively with the professional bodies in accounting, marketing, and HR, and has been involved in developing courses in a range of business-related subjects. He has authored numerous articles on management accounting targeted at students and practitioners, and continues his research interests in management accounting in support of strategy.